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Attract Customers With Single Color LED Message Boards

Over 20 years of engineering and manufacturing LED signs has allowed Single Vision solutions to be the very best technology and software to uniquely communicate your message for many years. Whether you want to raise awareness or reach new customers, our Red  Universal LED signs are a dynamic and cost efficient way to grab attention. Our LED signs are designed to be a long term, profitable solution for your communication and advertising needs.

Energy Efficient

Our Universal brand of red LED signs offers high efficiency at a low cost. Message Boards operate on low power consumption to reduce your overall energy expenses. Each display is easy to install and service, keeping your cost of ownership down and your return on investment high. Each sign is intricately made in-house and comes with a 5-year, comprehensive warranty.

Dynamic Display

Bold and eye-catching, SingleVision LED technologies allow you to communicate your message in a few easy steps. Whether you want to display a special of the day or instantly showcase photos and videos, these signs offer dynamic messaging and programmable features that anyone can use. Our red/amber signs display high-resolution images and custom animations on one or two sides with optional scheduling for specific days and times.

Durable All Weather

Our signs are designed to withstand both time and the elements. Our powder coated, lightweight aluminum cabinets and windowless designs offer sustainability and high quality imagery 24/7. IP65 Rating assures continued performance in high temperatures and cold weather settings.

Featured Install

City Of Gibraltar outdoor LED sign reaches over 15,000 commuters a day. Ideally situated at two busy intersections, its an opportunity to keep the public informed about civic events and special announcements.

City Of Gibraltar P16 Full Color Virtual Pixel







Our LED community sign is amazing and far exceeds our expectations! Our display is full-featured, easy to program, and has proven to be an effective and visible outreach to the community. Thank you for meeting our needs and providing us with a cost-effective LED without sacrificing quality or features!

Julie Shenan, Treasurer
City, Gibraltar MI