We Custom Design Your Digital LED Sign

Universal LED has pioneered the ability to custom design your LED Message Board in any size or dimensions. Our patented, exclusive to the United States, Modular Construction has been developed to allow for the seamless and hassle free installation for any location.

Quality Solutions For Business Sign Needs

Advantages Of Our LED Modular Construction

Universal LED is able to custom create any size LED Message Boards for your signage needs. We specialize in custom and retro fits for your signs location. We offer a Pitch and Resolution to meet your needs.

P16 Pitch for Excellent Picture and Text presentation. Ideal for Single Pole, Double Pole, Monument, and Side of Building Installations.

P12 Pitch for Optimal Video, Picture, and Text presentation. Ideal for Single Pole, Double Pole, Monument, Landscape, and Side of Building Installation.

P10 Pitch for Superior High Definition Video, High Quality Photos, and Text. Ideal for Single Pole, Double Pole, Monument, and All Installation Types.



Unique, patented design allows for the seamless construction of IP65 cabinets to be daisy chained in series to meet any width or height requirement for the client. Our Electronic Message Boards can be mounted back to back for dual faced presentation.  Specially constructed cabinets can grow with your company and allow for future size upgrade opportunities.


The advantages of using Universal LED Electronic Message Boards are endless. Perhaps the most compelling point is the bottom line. Electronic Message Boards are shown to increase your business by an average of 15% – 150%. These results are immediate and run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. year round.




Switching To An LED Electronic Message Board

Unlike traditional advertising, An LED Message Board allows you to quickly update and promote new Products, Specials and Promo’s all throughout the year. Your sign will allow you to market your services and good all year long Morning, Noon, and Night.

Advertise with Bold and Bright and Vivid Colors that demand attention. LED Message Boards are able to display your Videos, Photos, and Text of any description. Our LED Software allow you to Program Messages to displayed at a future date and specific time. Adjust the Brightness of your sign multiple times throughout the day with an easy to use Dimming Schedule.

Our LED Electronic Message Boards are All Weather IP65 Rating. Built to stand the extremes of high heat and low temperature operation. Solid State Design allows us to offer the strongest warranty in the market for Message Boards with a 5 Year Limited Warranty.

Practical And Efficient

Electronic Message Boards require Less Energy than traditional signs. They are Dynamic and can be updated daily to reflect changes in the seasons or any holiday theme. They distinguish you from your competitors and allow you to showcase your services in a larger than life presentation.

Universal LED invites you to visit our Production Headquarters to view our operations. Our 10,000 sq ft showroom showcases both our Indoor and Outdoor Electronic Message Boards along with LED Open Signs in a variety of themes and styles to promote your business. Learn more about what we can do to grow your business and increase your bottom line.




Pitch 10 mm
10mm pixel allow high resolution video, & photo rendering. Ultimate viewing distance as close as 5ft

Pitch 12 mm
12mm pixel allows for high quality video and photo rendering. Optimum viewing distance of 50ft

Pitch 16 mm
16mm pixel allows for good quality video, and photo rendering along w/text. Viewing distance of 150ft

Extra Services

We Custom Design Additional Signs;  Awnings, Box Signs, Channel Letters, Monument Signs, Marquee Signs, And Print Media

10mm Pitch

Pixel Pitch: 10mm
Pixel configuration 1R1G1B
LED wavelength 625/525/470
Brightness(cd/ m2) 6500(cd/ m2)
Module size(mm) 160(mm)×160(mm)
Physical Module Pixel 16×16
Cabinet size(W,H,T)(mm) 960mm×960mm×200mm P10
Physical Cabinet Pixel 96×96
Cabinet weight (m2) 70KG
Supply Voltage 220V
Maximum Power Consumption(w/ m2) 800(w/ m2)
Average Power Consumption(w/m2) 500(w/m2)
Operating Temperature -20°C~+50°C
Operatng Humidity ?95%
Horizontal Viewing Angle 110°
Vertical Viewing Angle 70°
Grey Scale 16K
Didslay Colors 4096 Billion
Viewing Distance(min,max) 5~200m
IP Rating Front IP 65
Refresh Rate(Frame Per Second) 300HZ
LED life(hours) 100000 hours

Superior viewing angle.

p10aHigh Definition Video. High Definition Photos. Exceptional Text Presentation.
12mm Pitch

Pixel Pitch: 12mm
Pixel composing: 1R1G1B
LED wavelength 630/525/570
Wave Angle(H): 140 degree(H)/ 60 degree
LED package: DIP346
Density: 6944dots/sqm p12
Display color: 256*256*256
Whiteness brightness: Over 5000cd
Brightness level: 128 grade
Changing frame frequency: 60 Hz
Refresh: 400 Hz
Driving method: Constant driving 1/4
Control mode: Synchronous
Display port: DVI
Display mode: 1024*768 /1024*1024
Out of control: 1/10, 000 ( scattered)
Lifetime: 100, 000 hours
Module size: 192mm*192mm
Display resolution /module: 16 dots*16 dots
Standard cabinet size: 1152 mm*768mm
Weight per sqm: 65 Kg/sqm
Install mode Wallmount: Hung and stand structure
Working voltage: AC 220v/380v 10% more or less 47~64Hz
Max power/sqm: 700W/sqm
Average power/sqm: 450W/sqm
Working temperature: –20~50 degree
Working Humidity: 10~90%

Optimum Viewing Angle.

p12aHigh Resolution Video. High Quality Photos.
Very Good Text Presentation
16mm Pitch

Pixel Pitch: 16mm
Physical Pixel Density(Pixel/m2) 3906(pixel/ m2)
Pixel configuration 2R1G1B
LED wavelength 625/525/470
Brightness(cd/ m2) 6500(cd/ m2)
Module size(mm) 256(mm)×256(mm)p16
Physical Module Pixel 16×16
Standard Cabinet size(W,H,T)(mm) 1024mm×1024mm×200mm
Physical Cabinet Pixel 64×64
Cabinet weight (m2) 65KG
Supply Voltage 220V
Maximum Power Consumption(w/ m2) 850 (w/ m2)
Average Power Consumption(w/m2) 600(w/m2)
Operating Temperature -20°C~+50°C
Operatng Humidty ?95%
Horizontal Viewing Angle 110°
Vertical Viewing Angle 70°
Grey Scale 16K
Didslay Colors 4096 Billion
IP Rating Front IP 65
Viewing Distance(min,max) 15~300m
Refresh Rate(Frame Per Second) 450HZ
LED life(hours) 100000 hours

Superior viewing angle.

p20aGood Quality Photos. Sharp Text Resolution.
Good Text Presentation

Grow Your Business Overnight 15 – 150%

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