Maximum Viewing Distance

Maximum Viewing Distance

Determining how your prospective audience will view your LED sign is key in determining the right LED sign for YOUR location. Will your potential customer be walking or driving by? How quickly will they be moving?

Maxium Viewing Distance for an LED Sign

Determining Maximum Viewing Distance
Estimate one inch of character height for every fifty feet of viewing distance to determine the best character size for your location.

Example: 2? text is readable to about 100 feet.

This is considered a general rule of thumb in determining the overall size for a specific application. Other conditions that may effect viewing distance include surrounding buildings or trees, varying traffic patterns, weather, etc.

Maximum Viewing Time Chart for LED Signs

Messages viewed from an automobile should be 18? in character height if traffic is moving 35 miles per hour.  A 12? character is recommended if traffic is stopped. Clear visibility also depends on distance. You can read a 6? high character from as far away as 300?, if you are not moving. The same size character may be more difficult to read from that distance if you’re driving or moving quickly. .

Recommended LED sign pixel resolution based on driving speeds


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  • wallaceled Posted July 22, 2016 1:18 pm

    What would be the best pitch to recommend for a 4ft x 10ft sign that has traffic speeds of 50 mph. Is it best to go with a smaller pitch for a higher cost or settle for a P16 pitch??

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