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Grab Attention With Sleek, Stylish Dimensional Signs

Our signage process covers every possible detail for your project

Quality Materials We use high quality LED lights for our channel letters.  Your signs will be both highly visible and efficient. Outdoor signage typically uses aluminum, but the thickness of the sign can make a difference. Our engineers can provide guidance on material options to find a solution that balances both quality and budget. From Design to Installation When your signs are ready to go, our professional installation crews will get to work. Our strategic network allows us to provide installation services across the country so that you won’t be charged extra for distance. Since our installers will have equipment on site, we can also replace lights elsewhere on your property while we add your channel lights.

Universal LED has a focus on attention to detail. Our digital led signs arrive to you witha twelve point checklist to ensure that every component of you sign operates for years to come. We know that business owners time is very valuable, you will find all of our installation’s problem free and timely and accurate. We handle all of the permit process and are your partner from concept to completion.

Universal LED takes great pride in offering a multitude of support to ensure your success as a sign owner. Our support represents the cornerstone of our engineering efforts to provide an ease of use and user friendly experience.

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