LED Palm Trees are an excellent solution for brightening and beautifying a location. If you are looking for a dramatic improvement to an area LED Palm Trees provide a vibrant and colorful compelling look that adds itself to any theme.

All trees are available in 8′, 10′, 12′ and 14′ sizes.  Larger heights are available via special order.  Our trees come with a steel base plate that can mount to any solid surface.  We even include the mounting hardware!

Key Benefits

  • Very realistic, durable and versatile
  • Maintenance Free – enjoy for years and years to come
  • Each is hand molded for a unique look
  • 1 year Manufacturer’s Warranty on Materials and Workmanship
  • Tree and fronds sway in the wind just like a real tree
  • No exposed metal on trunks = NO RUSTING!

We Can Customize Your Size And Color

Our LED Palm Coconut Tree light is one of the best decorative light in Christmas, festival, holiday, ceremony and anniversary. It is made up of artificial branches with high quality LED inside. The LED palm tree light is designed virtually to true coconut palm tree. It is a great breakthrough of light decoration. The leaves of the coconut palm tree light are made up of PC plastic lamp tubes(LED). Controlled by the lamp tubes twinkle in waves and give the effect of the leaves swinging in the wind.  Spreading holiday and daily cheer is made easy with the luminous radiance emanating from our LED palm trees. Both big sizes and mini sizes are available.The installation process is simple and we offer you detailed installation instructions as well as providing installation services.





Height: 2.5m

Diameter of Tree Crown: 1.5m

Input Voltage: AC 110V/120V/220V/230V

Output Voltage: DC12V

Power: 80W

Waterproof Rating: IP65

Working Life: 50000 hours

Working Temperature: -40ºCto 60ºC

Approved Certificate: CE,ROHS, UL

Available Colors: RGB Changeable, Pink, Purple, White, Cool White, Warm White, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow.

Tree Trunk Material: PE , light trunk

Warranty Period 1 year

Material of wire line 2.0mm cold-resistant wire