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Universal LED comprehensive line of gas price displays are specifically designed for all petroleum industries with high-contrast, full-height, broad-stroke digits that provide clear and highly legible fuel prices. The displays feature energy-efficient LED technology with outstanding visibility and impressive viewing angles.


                                                                           Advantages Of LED Gas Price Changers

Elhandiminate the need to manually change your gas prices with our Remote Controlled LED Price Changers. Motorist can see the highly visible LED digits from a long distance, and you can instantly update fuel prices with our convenient wireless controller. You have the option of updating multiple displays and fuel pump prices from a single location and remote.

LED Green

LED Green Gas Price Changer

RED Green

LED Red Gas Price Changer

We Can Customize Signs In A Variety Of Styles




We Can Customize Signs In A Variety Of Styles

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Energy Efficient
  • Low Voltage LED Diodes
  • LED’s Require Less Energy
  • Adjustable Brightness Control
Highly Visible
  • Louvres Add High Visibility
  • 65,000 Nits Adjustable Dimming
  • Diodes Provide High Brightness
Tested Reliability
  • Highest IP65 Rating For Long Life
  • Corrosion Resistant Cabinets
  • Ventilation Prevents Overheating

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