Uimagesniversal Channel Letters

Channel letter signs utilize high-quality LED lights to spell out your business for your customers. Unlike other signs, each letter is an individual structure, creating a stylish look for your brand. Channel letter signs can be lit from multiple angles to achieve the right look for your business. We provide front-lit, front/backlit, and reverse-lit channel letters signs that can be mounted on a raceway or flush with a wall. We can produce channel letters signs in a variety of fonts, colors, and sizes to match your brand’s style.

Front Lit Channel Letters

Retail centers & malls use front lit channel letters. Letters are internally illuminated using LED modules.

Reverse Lit Channel Letters

Known as halo-lit channel letters. Reverse lit letters allows light to be emitted from the back of the letter.

Open Face Channel Letters

Channel letter faces are exposed or open to place neon or LED lighting.

Specialty Channel Letters

Uniquely designed signs that can be tailored to fit your business needs.

Combination Lit

A “Halo Effect” surrounding the shape of each individual character. For a unique and classy look.

3 D Letters

 Alternative to lit signs both internal & external. Dimensional letters are available any size color or style.


Grab Attention With Sleek, Stylish Dimensional Signs.


Best For:

  • Stores                              Gas Stations                    Bakery                      Municipal
  • Restaurants                     Schools                            Bars                          Small Business
  • Office Buildings              Banks                              Auto Repair              Heath Marts

Quality Materials

We use high quality LED lights for our channel letters.  Your signs will be both highly visible and efficient. Outdoor signage typically uses aluminum, but the thickness of the sign can make a difference. Our engineers can provide guidance on material options to find a solution that balances both quality and budget.


From Design to Installation

When your signs are ready to go, our professional installation crews will get to work. Our strategic network allows us to provide installation services across the country so that you won’t be charged extra for distance. Since our installers will have equipment on site, we can also replace lights elsewhere on your property while we add your channel lights.

There’s more to the signing process than just building channel letters.
Our signage process covers every possible detail for your project, including tasks that other companies charge extra for or merely leave for you to handle

Channel Letters Are A Bold, Attractive Way To Advertise Your Business & Identify Your Location